There’s more than one way to lose our breath if we don’t act now.

In 2020, wearing personal protective equipment has become common place due to the persistence of COVID-19. Indeed, the “great reset” caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the cracks in the way we live, and unraveled the flaws in our current ecosystems.

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Message from the Chairman

“Every single industry today will be affected by the need to reduce carbon emissions.”

Federico R. Lopez , Chairman and CEO

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Message from the President

“To FPH, regeneration is holistically looking at bigger systems where our business is embedded —namely society and nature. For us to thrive, we need to keep these systems healthy and resilient.”

Francis Giles B. Puno , President and COO

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Financial Performance

PHP20.8 billion

Consolidated net income

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Our Value Creation

The Value Creation Diagrams of FPH and its subsidiaries demonstrate how values, of many types, are created within each company, presenting our direction as a company and guiding how we do business.

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