Our Financial Performance

Our financial capitals are the source of funds we draw on to produce our goods and services, ultimately to create value for our customers and stakeholders. Our approach to managing our financial capital adopts strategies that increase financial returns while avoiding, mitigating, or remediating risks.

Our Operational Capital Performance

Our operational, or manufactured, capital are the physical assets, infrastructures, and equipment the company and subsidiaries use to provide customers products and services, ultimately to create value.

Our Environmental Performance

Our natural capital constitutes the renewable and non-renewable materials, resources, and processes we use to develop our products and services and to create value for our customers and stakeholders.

Our Human Resource Performance

For FPH, motivation goes beyond business outcomes—we must be mindful of how these outcomes come about, grounded on our corporate values and purpose. In pursuing our chosen path, we will unlock the potential of diverse talents to create a mission- driven organization that makes work fulfilling, fun, and gives people a deep sense of belonging.

Our Intellectual Capital Performance

Our intellectual capital includes the knowledge- based assets of our company. It primarily comes from three sources, namely: people, processes, and partners.

Our Social Relationships Performance

We recognize that our business is nested in a bigger societal system.

Outcomes Contributing to the UN SDGs

This year, our regenerative mission taught us not to look at what individual UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) to adopt, but to look at the greater needs of the whole where our business is embedded—the planet and society.