Our Foundations

We support several foundations that complement our businesses. They broaden our ability to reach out to our different stakeholders to fulfill our purpose of improving peoples’ lives and futures.        

The Oscar M. Lopez Center for Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management Foundation, Inc. (OML Center) is a non-profit organization born out of a private sector initiative to enhance support for research and innovative solutions towards climate change adaptation and disaster risk management. It is rooted in the principle that science must play a role in building the resilience of communities through actionable knowledge. Founded in 2012, the OML Center was established in response to an apparent research gap that was alarmingly disproportionate to the climate-related risks and vulnerabilities of the Philippines. The first of its kind in the country, the OML Center continues to be the only privately funded grant-giving non-governmental organization (NGO) doing research-based climate change communications. For more details on the OML Center, please see Annex 4 on page 215.                

The Sikat Solar Challenge Foundation, Inc. (SSCFI or Sikat) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to uplift the lives of Filipinos living in rural communities bereft of electricity. Sikat works through various organizations and helps them deliver innovative and sustainable renewable energy (RE) systems and solutions.                 

Ang Misyon, Inc. is a non-profit organization that supports the musically talented, less privileged youth. The organization believes that social change is sparked through the learning of orchestral music. Since 2012, it has helped over 1,000 scholars and continues to provide programs that focus on orchestral training and instrument support. Scholars are immersed in a curriculum that hones their musical skills, with tailor- fit activities including intensive music workshops and Master Classes facilitated by guest mentors from distinguished professional orchestras such as the ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra and the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra among others.                

Ang Misyon’s music scholars are introduced to the world of music at an early age to prepare them to become members of the Orchestra of the Filipino Youth (OFY), the organization’s main performing arm. As a way of paying it forward, scholars who have grown with the program are trained to share their knowledge with young musicians in their communities and mentor the next generation, Ang Misyon Children’s Orchestra (AMCO). The values of commitment, discipline, and community are ingrained in their orchestral training, which empower them to become responsible members of society.          

FPH leadership steers the company forward to adapt to challenges from COVID-19

In late 2019, FPH recrystallized the company mission to go beyond sustainability and aim for regeneration beyond our business fence by contributing to the renewal of our business, the planet, and society. This guidepost served the organization well during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. In the face of uncertainties and fear, the whole organization looked to the company leaders for guidance and encouragement.        

It was also during this challenging time that the strength of the leadership’s purpose and values really shone through. Consistent with the Lopez value of “concern for employee welfare and wellness,” FPH Chairman and CEO Federico R. Lopez steered the formulation of the organization’s overall COVID-19 response and strategies, while FPH President and COO Francis Giles B. Puno led the efficient execution of the pandemic measures in every business unit.                    

The Chairman affirmed to the employees their importance in the survival of the company. He rallied the whole organization through the pandemic, an experience that was unique to everyone. His single message was that the organization is nested in bigger systems, hence, it is the business’ role to protect the environment so nature, in turn, will protect its business and its employees, their families, and host communities. This made everyone recognize the need to align the organization’s and the individual employee’s purpose towards the FPH mission. The months-long lockdown period was an opportunity for both our leaders and employees to pause and reflect on their respective values and purpose.        

On the ground, the Crisis Management Committee, headed by the FPH President and COO, installed the necessary preventative measures as soon as the news of the first reported COVID-19 case in the country broke out. These measures include the: (1) Pandemic Preparedness and Response Plan, with a focal implementation team in each business unit to take care of our employees and host communities; (2) Communication Program, which promoted consistent engagement with our employees and external stakeholders; and (3) Vaccine Program to initiate the screening and acquisition of vaccines for our employees and their families.                

The Committee tracked developments in the field, mindful of the peculiarities of different business operations, to find out how they could assist each subsidiary. Complementing these fundamental initiatives are additional COVID-19 policies on employee benefits,

The prestigious award is bestowed on “individuals in the business community or government for workforce and operations guidelines, and extension services to host communities.

The President and COO observed that, during the pandemic, the collaboration and readiness of the employees to take up new responsibilities are consistent with the Lopez values and what needed to be done at the time. The overall result of the process was the organization’s adaptation amidst a challenging time – one that led to a recovery that was well underway towards the end of the year. The latter sections of this report will disclose the specific pandemic measures that made this possible.

The readiness and resolve of the organization to address the disruption brought on by the pandemic stem from the long history of FPH leaders who brought their values and conviction to work. This brand of fearless leadership does not go unnoticed. Our Chairman and CEO Federico R. Lopez was hailed Management Man of the Year 2020 by the Management Association of the Philippines (MAP).

attaining unquestioned distinction in the practice of management and for contributing to the country’s progress.” The criteria for the award include integrity, leadership, and management qualities; contribution to nation-building and values formation; and effective stewardship within the confines of the highest standard of business and management practice, among others. The same award was given to his father, Chairman Emeritus Oscar M. Lopez, in 2000, who served as FPH’s leader in its inception years.

In his acceptance speech during the virtual awarding ceremony, the Chairman reiterated the importance of updating FPH’s mission statement. “In this kind of world, corporate sustainability that seeks to simply ‘tick the box’ or do less harm is no longer good enough,” he said. “There is an urgency for all of us to go beyond incremental sustainability and transform into regenerative forces that align our profit engines with the need for a better, more just world and a safer planet.”